GITC Pro is a services and support company that provides PostgreSQL and Open Source services in the UK and EU, offering high quality and reliable solutions with wide range of products in the market, with great expertise.

GITC Pro provides various services around Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS:

Red Hat Virtualization solution

Red Hat Virtualization is a complete enterprise virtualization management for servers and desktops on the same infrastructure. RHV has great performance and scalability

Red Hat OpenStack

Your IT department is being challenged to react faster to growing customer demands. If you’re like many IT organizations, you’re exploring Infrastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS) private clouds, like OpenStack®, to swiftly deploy and scale IT infrastructure. But not just any OpenStack cloud can deliver the demands of a production-scale environment and meet your performance, scalability, and security standards. Fortunately, Red Hat® OpenStack Platform does all this and more.

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

This fully open source solution for enterprises combines a container-based app- development platform, private-cloud infrastructure, public-cloud interoperability, and a common management framework. Red Hat Cloud Suite modernizes your infrastructure so developers can build services and deliver them to customers and your organization fast, and so IT can retain control and manage the environment from 1 place.

DevOps Automation with Ansible and Ansible Tower

A simple, agentless automation platform that can improve your current processes, migrate apps for better optimization, and provide a single language for DevOps practices across your organization. Ansible Tower by Red Hat is a centralized API for your Ansible automation and a graphical user interface for Ansible.

Other Red Hat Enterprise Linux Services

  • Red Hat High Availability Clusters via Pacemaker
  • Scalable mail systems along with powerful systems for effective defense - against spam and viruses
  • A monitoring system for your entire IT infrastructure
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage solutions

    Unlike proprietary, hardware-based storage, which limits your ability to keep up with today’s immensely growing data stores, the Red Hat® Storage portfolio gives you an open, software-defined storage platform that scales across physical, virtual, and cloud resources—without limits.

    Red Hat Openshift

    Red Hat® OpenShift is a container application platform that brings Docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise. Regardless of your applications architecture, OpenShift lets you easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any infrastructure, public or private. Whether it’s on-premise, in a public cloud, or hosted, you have an award-winning platform to get your next big idea to market ahead of your competition.

    Centralized software management via Spacewalk and Infrastructure Management with Satellite

    As your Red Hat® environment continues to grow, so does the need to manage it to a high standard of quality. Red Hat Satellite is an infrastructure management product specifically designed to keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux® environments and other Red Hat infrastructure running efficiently, properly secured, and compliant with various standards.

    Also, Spacewalk is the open source Linux systems management solution.

    Cluster file systems and storage

    Unlike proprietary, hardware-based storage, which limits your ability to keep up with today’s immensely growing data stores, the Red Hat® Storage portfolio gives you an open, software-defined storage platform that scales across physical, virtual, and cloud resources—without limits.

    Docker (DC)

    GITC Pro provides professional services around Docker, to help customer starting from the architectural design to deployment of Docker for their infrastructure.

    Docker containers contain only what's necessary to build, ship and run applications. Unlike virtualization technology (VMs), there is no guest OS or hypervisor necessary for containers. This allows enterprises to reduce the amount of storage and eliminate hypervisor licensing costs within their organizations. GITC Pro helps its customers by providing consulting services to improve organizations' implementation and adapting capability of the Docker platform.


    PostgreSQL Hardware Consultancy (PHC):

    This is the first step to get the best performance out of customer’s PostgreSQL environments. GITC Pro’s experience on hardware provides unique advantage for customers. A hardware selection is a crucial part in pre-deployment phase. Currently, we have expertise in HP, IBM, DELL and Fujitsu hardware. This is an engagement prior to PIC, defined in next step. GITC Pro engineers determines the best hardware to by analysing current customer environment, application requirements , and future growth pattern. This service is also suitable for customers who want to migrate from other databases to PostgreSQL, defined as MPSC in the following items

    PostgreSQL Installation Consultancy (PIC):

    This is the next step – GITC Pro’s skills for installing and configuring PostgreSQL is a key to success to future error-proof installations. The procedure starts with a pre-engagement statement of work (SOW). Prior to the consultancy engagement, GITC Pro works with the customer staff, to write an outline of the scope of services to be performed for installation. After SOW is approved by customers, GITC Pro engineers starts implementation. GITC Pro always develops scripts, documents all processes, procedures, and provides all tools for installations. GITC Pro will review the final installation, followed by knowledge transfer to customer staff.

    PostgreSQL Performance Consultancy (PPC):

    This consultancy provides service for both new and existing PostgreSQL users. Large-scale production environments may involve complex hardware. Application performance expectations will always change, and GITC Pro analyses the performance bottlenecks and fix them. GITC Pro uses combinations of various open source and / or closed sourced tools to analyse, and fix these problems. GITC Pro consultants provides personalized service for PostgreSQL performance tuning, protecting data integrity.

    GITC Pro focuses on the following:

  • Analysing the scalability of the database
  • Planning the capacity
  • Analysing slow queries
  • Workload analysis
  • Analysing the reasons of performance degradation
  • Hardware analysis
  • PostgreSQL Replication Consultancy (PRC):

    GITC Pro also focuses on designing and implementing PostgreSQL High Availability and Replication solutions for PostgreSQL databases. GITC Pro uses both open source and closed source software to create replicated environment. GITC performs load analysis by working closely with the customers, and then create solution to spread the queries across multiple nodes.

    PostgreSQL Health Check Service (PHCS):

    This is mainly focused on checking status of the current PostgreSQL deployments. This is a packaged service that takes 3 days to collect data, plus 2 days to write the detailed report. This service is well-scripted and documented. Customers get a detailed report at the end of the engagement.

    PostgreSQL Monitoring Consultancy (PMC):

    This service focuses on monitoring the existing or new PostgreSQL environment. We perform PMC for customers in all sizes.

    Account Management Service (AMS) :

    GITC Account Management Service is focused on providing personalized service for companies. GITC Pro consultants works closely with IT organization and provide guidance on how to make the best use of the PostgreSQL environment. Proactive work is the key for this service. AMS provides customers the path future growth, and helps them to identify risk and cost management.

    Migration to PostgreSQL Consultancy (MPC):

    As stated above, GITC Pro’s one of the main objectives is migrating from some proprietary databases to PostgreSQL. GITC Pro’s MPC procedure starts with a pre-engagement assessment, followed by a detailed assessment report, and a SOW for migration. This assessment report includes very detailed information about objects, estimated costs, and migration path. GITC Pro works with the customer staff in order to perform migrations smoothly. GITC Pro finally work on knowledge transfer to customer staff.

    PostgreSQL Training Services (PT)

    GITC Pro’s one focus is the PostgreSQL training. Our features include:

  • Well-written training documents
  • All sections include examples
  • 3-day “Linux for PostgreSQL” course, focused on low-level performance tuning on Linux kernel.
  • Solutions to real life problems
  • 2 hands-on days that simulates all issues that customers can experience.
  • 4 exams that cover all the topics
  • Post-assessment questionnaire for both customers’ HR departments and GITC Pro, to get an overview about the training.
  • 10 days in total for PostgreSQL training, and 3 days for “Linux for PostgreSQL” training, fully optimized for customer needs.