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The objectives of GITC Pro is being one of the top players of PostgreSQL consultancy in the UK, using local resources, along with high customer satisfaction.

The mission of GITC Pro is increasing adoption of PostgreSQL in UK, supported by Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS Linux as the leading solution). Another mission of GITC Pro is to provide high quality PostgreSQL and Open Source consultancy to mid to high level customers.

Why GITC Pro

Customers currently have at least one of these problems:

  • Paying large amounts of licence fees for proprietary databases.
  • Shortage of PostgreSQL DBAs.
  • Lack of expertise on High Availability infrastructure.
  • Training that suits their requirements.
  • Finding the right solution with right tools.
  • Moving to Open Source.

Customers seek the following key attributes in a product or service:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Right solution with reasonable price

GITC Pro solves these problems by:

  • Creating well-documented procedures for solutions, to improve reliability and quality.
  • Migration from proprietary databases to PostgreSQL, to cut licence costs.
  • Best practice documentation for internal usage to improve high quality and standard service to all customers.
  • Documenting every step, to satisfy customer needs and making more profit.
  • Combining many solutions (both commercial and non-commercial) to find the perfect match for customer needs.
  • Announcing public training to introduce new DBAs to the market.

In our business, being open and providing right solutions quickly is important. This is one of the points that makes GITC Pro one of the leaders in its area. Our high-level expertise helps businesses solve their problems promptly and correctly.

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